Thursday, June 17, 2010

Josie's Magic Duct Tape Risotto

Here's the situation with cooking. I don't cook a lot, but generally when I attempt it, things go well. (I am a great baker, however.) I don't cook because I am lazy - and also legitimately busy much of the time, but...lazy - but I have one fail-safe recipe that I bust out whenever possible. It's a standard risotto recipe, which is perfect because risotto has a reputation for being A Feat of Culinary Excellence, so I get extra badassery points. Here is a quick guide to impressing your friends with risotto.

You need:
Ariobo rice
1 box of chicken/beef/veggie stock (your choice)
a package of sausage or mushrooms (or both!)

Advice on what you need: I know that the White Wine and Herbs stock that's out there sounds like it would be delicious but WOW is it totally overwhelming. Don't use it for this. I really like using chicken stock and chicken sausage, particularly when I can get the kind with jalapenos in it.

Have at it: Pour the stock into a pot and heat it to boiling. While that's heating up, cut your meat and/or veggies into bite size pieces, and start them cooking. Cook any meat most of the way through, and veggies until they're cooked but not soft. Throw one cup of ariobo rice in there, and let the rice, meat and veggies hang out a little bit (2-3 mins). Once they've had time to mingle, pour a cup or so of your now-boiling stock into the pot. Keep the mixture moving and let the stock absorb into the rice. When the first round of liquid is absorbed, throw some more in there. Keep adding and cooking down until you're out of stock. The last round is often a little tricky since the rice is at its maximum capacity. I like to let the whole thing sit, then it's time to chow down!
Risotto with Chanterelle Mushrooms

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