Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Makeup Is Easy: Wine and Chocolate

My boss gave me an AmEx gift card for Christmas, so what did I do? Went to Sephora, of course. I bought a couple items, including their excellent Sephora brand Colorful Artist Palette. I was eyeballing the sparkly teal that's in there, but I am really skeptical of large-grain glitter shadows and that one looked like it was right on the borderline. As I kept shopping, I found the palette, which included the sparkly teal along with a bunch of other great colors. Total no brainer, particularly given the wide range of colors, from bright to dark, sparkly to matte. I will say that the brush didn't do much for me, but the nice big mirror is terrific.

I am kind of a sucky packer. I know HOW to pack light - and I'm not just talking about figuring out what clothes to pack, I'm talking reading of packing techniques, special folding and bundling of clothes, etc. - but despite the fact that I CAN pack for a four day weekend in a speedy bag (yes), it all tends to go off the rails when I actually get to the DOING of the packing. Items like this provide an incentive to pack light, because I love gadgets almost as much as I love overpacking. You have 15 colors for whatever you need, whether you just need a touch of light color or full dramatic makeup. Bravo, Sephora!
I used the wine color - in fact called "Red Wine" - as an eyeliner, then topped it with "Cocoa Powder" for a smokyish eye in browns. I liked how the eye came out, though the application of Red Wine on my lower waterline did not stick. That's okay - it's not really designed to do that, but I wanted to try it to see. Sometimes eyeshadows do all right as liners.
I probably could have used some lipstick here, but I took this shot right after my coffee and thus all lipstick had rubbed off. I went with the Too Faced Lip of Luxury in Celebrity Meltdown, which continues to be wildly versatile!

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