Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Makeup Is Easy: The Dark Side

Every year Sephora is all "OMG dark lipstick" and I always buy one because it looks so awesome on the model, then put it in my makeup bin for three months because I can't figure out how and where to wear it. It's a vicious cycle. This year's model is Kat von D's Painted Love lipstick in Homegirl, which is a superdark purple color. Here I am modelling it imperiously.

No, I don't know why I make these faces, but there's always one. In any case, I've got my standard face base on, but I used a Laura Geller blush that is too warm for the overall effect. I think to make the dark lip work you need to embrace your pastiness and use whatever cool tone you have in your skin. I went with a silvery-white eye so there was still some balance but it wasn't Way Too Much Look.

If I recall, it was the She Space's Snow Capped, but it may also have been Moonlight Whimsy. I am 97% sure that it was the former.

Overall, I was happy with the look. As I said, I would nix the blush in the future, but it's a dramatic look for the colder months when I am at my pastiest. I really like the Painted Love lipstick and actually bought it in a wine color called Rosary. It's a very creamy and moisturizing lipstick, and it generally stays exactly where you put it. I'm starting to get some bleeding on a lot of my lipsticks, but these really hold a good line. I might consider using a clear liner if anything.

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  1. Urban Decay makes a good clear liner, if you're interested. Love the eye makeup.