Wednesday, November 26, 2008


So over on Pajiba, they frequently link to an excellent individual who runs a blog called Mighty God King, and every time I hit one of those links, it is hysterically funny and great, and I think "why don't I read more of this blog?" Well, I finally got my ass in gear and while it's worth your time merely for the funny, it also pulled a hardcore one-two punch on the election.

First- funniest election "coverage" this side of the Daily Show special. (NB: Everyone was on Alex Castellanos' nuts that night, eh? MGK refers to him as the "GOP Official Hispanic Guy Alex Castellanos" and Jack texted me around 7:30 that night with the early winner for Funniest Goddamn Text Message Of The Evening with "I want to strangle alex castellanos with his guido mustache.")

Followed closely by one of the best discussions of race, American politics, the state of the world and the general tao of Obama I have read to date.

I have been trying to keep my excitement about this election limited to the actual non-partisan awesomeness that surrounded it, or, failing that, under wraps completely, as I seem to have a lot of conservative friends all of a sudden, but I just thought these two things were really fab and worth mentioning. Enjoy.

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  1. Eh. You know I don't take offense to your liberal propaganda. ;)