Thursday, February 7, 2008

En Garde! *Insert Gallic Honking*

Challenge: Start making a fabulous avant garde garment based on the hairstyle of your model, then be told you need an RtW outfit as well.

Winner: Christian
Loser: Kit
Rami & Sweet P...I was a little worried about Rami's not-getting-it-ness in regards to why the judges had an issue with this. I also hated the pants under it and thought they seriously took away from the overall effect. Since when do airy earth tones work with stark, heavy black? I actually like the dress fine, but for some boring color and whickety-whack issues (mostly the ribbons on the back), but it's a Rami Dress, and not taken to a crazy, higher level. His dress wasn't bad, per se, it just missed the point of the challenge. Sweet P's little dress though is totally cute! She has really been surprising me lately...first that crazy glamorous prom dress and now this cute little shortie dress. This is the only dress I can ever remember liking the one-shoulder effect on, and the color is really great, and pretty unusual for the style. I do think that Rami's failure to get the challenge hurt this pair, otherwise they would have done much better.
Ricky & Kit...I still don't get how "avant garde" turned into "Gone With the Wind" in Kit's cute little brain, but yikes. I don't even know what's going on here. It looks like an apron collection turned into a big blowzy gown, and not by a skilled seamstress...look at how out of hand the puckering is on the bands of satin! WTF!? Despite my complaining about it looking like an apron collection, I actually like the top - it's unusual and kind of funky, but jesus, you hit the waist and it's scary in there. The second look is cute but juvenile and the shoe is out of nowhere. What a disaster, but I am PISSED that somehow Kit got the axe...I mean, Nina has actually said ON THE SHOW that they consider past work, etc., but I see no evidence of it...I'm sorry but when the choice is Ricky or anyone else in the WORLD the answer is always RICKY!!

Christian & Chris...42 yards of fabric. Damn. What an amazing combo of Christian's eye for detail and Chris's crazy theatrical spirit. This was just fantastic...the movement was spectacular, too. I kind of wish it had been in a different color, just because we all know I operate almost exclusively on color, but on the other hand, the low key color allows the amazing details to come out, and the paleness of it creates some cool shadow action that highlights the ruffling. The second look is probably the best translation possible...I like it, and I think incorporating all that ruffling any more than you see in the shirt would be totally out of hand. Bra-VO, Chris and Chris!
Victorya & Jillian...after much agonizing, I think this is my favorite item out of all of them. I love the Christian and Chris confection, but this coat is just spectacular, and I want to wear it and stomp around and own the WORLD. Perhaps not so much with the jodhpurs, but frankly those are hardly the point. I cannot say enough about this coat...the FIT, the rippling ruffles, the fantastic collar, the details on the mind, she is blown. Love it. The other dress is fine but not nearly as orgasmic as the coat. This was completely fabulous and I covet it.

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