Friday, June 24, 2011

Sometimes People Write Stuff and You're Like "Why Didn't I Write That OH RIGHT I'M NOT A GENIUS."

One of my favorite blogs is MightyGodKing, which is written by a super-smart dude and his cohort of also super-smart people.  I like it particularly because this crew is smart about a span of things that encompasses things I really care about (Canadian politics, law), things I sort of care about (comics) and things I don't really care about but am willing to find interesting in the hands of someone smart (specific characters I don't know much about).  Christopher Bird, the titular Mighty God King, recently posted a fascinating article about DC Comics' upcoming overhaul and its incorporation of the Wildstorm Universe, which I didn't know existed until I worked some Google-fu on it.  That's interesting to a comic fan generally, but it's also interesting to me as someone interested in the creative process and the generation of complete worlds.  Bird has a lot of good stuff to say about the logic of comics and by extension long-running series, and frames this out by establishing a bipolarity between Marvel's pseudo-realistic universe (i.e. "Obviously Spiderman freaks out sometimes, he is a superhero and thus suffers great tension") and DC's more fantastical universe (i.e. "One man can clearly shoulder the burden of being Bruce Wayne and Batman while not really arousing suspicion and/or being an asshole").  It's a great take on how to make storytelling work, and it's one of my favorite topics on which to read Bird's work, because he gets it in a more elemental way than most. 
Pictured: Wildstorm universe, Josie's concern that her blog is too text-heavy.
Bird also produced a really excellent and helpful overview on Canadian politics that I think everyone should read: A Primer on Canadian Politics  Americans need to know and care about how Canada works and what's going on up there (usually, awesomeness), because we're inextricably linked, both by virtue of our geography and our economics.  Befriend your Canadian bretheren! 

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