Friday, June 24, 2011

Dance Like No One is Watching (or, Alternatively, a Gigantic Russian Man)

This has been a trying week, vis a vis politics and bullshit.  There have been a lot of weeks like that lately.  It may just be the stuff I've been reading, but the fact that it exists doesn't change in response to my willingness to engage with it.  When a giant ball of bullshit falls on Capitol Hill, it makes a sound whether or not I or anyone else are listening.  If I go to a lake in the woods with nothing but flipflops, a bunch of beer and a chair, turning off my cell phone and not checking my email, the bullshit in which we live our lives will carry on affecting someone - some people I care about, some people I don't know.  That can be crushing.  The thing is, though, you have to still go to the lake by the woods.  You still have to look for the good in people and things.  You can't just ignore it, but you have to surround what stresses you with a belief that for every person intent on fucking up our world, there are a dozen who want to fix it, and who work at that goal in tiny and wonderful ways, and who sometimes change the world.  You have to be that person. It takes less than you might think.  Love your friends, love your family, seek joy, create wonder.

And perhaps most importantly, dance like a goon.

via Russian Machine Never Breaks

Have a great weekend, everyone!  Change the world every moment of it.

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