Friday, July 24, 2009

A Brief Outburst On the Topic of Blogger

Dear Blogger,

I just took the better part of three days to format that fucking post about various cosmetics because I wanted to do something as radical as put a smaller, italicized, centered caption under a picture. At every turn, you add extra space and line breaks on me and then I have to go in to unfuck the HTML that you've added FOR NO DISCERNABLE REASON. Sometimes this is no problem, but sometimes, like for instance if I have a bunch of photos I want to caption in the aforementioned crrrrraaazy manner. What the hell is that about? Why would you do that?

Oh and by the way, I really fucking love it when I spend time fixing stuff, hit post and then view the blog, only to find out that you have refucked what I just spent time unfucking. What do people do when they don't know shit about HTML? I only know this crap because I had a ghetto-ass Geocities site at one point in my life and had to learn it to survive. What about people like my Grandmother, who like the idea of blogging but only really have the computer basics down?


I hate you, please stop failing at this level.



1 comment:

  1. This is why I went with WordPress for my food blog. I get annoyed with Blogger, too. I'll use that as my excuse as to why I haven't been posting regularly.