Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Latest Word in Stuff I Like

Ah, once again it is time to talk about cosmetics, because I love cosmetics and am also trying to clear out my online to do list before the wedding this Saturday holy crap.

I've been trying to figure out what I want to put on my face for the wedding, and in the process have come across some great products. The first one is Dazzleglass from M.A.C. cosmetics. M.A.C.'s stuff has always been fantastic, but I really love this stuff. I am super finicky about the texture of lip stuff...sometimes it's too dry, sometimes too tacky, sometimes just straight up goopy. The kickass woman over at Apocalypstick Now recommended the product AND a specific color called Get Rich Quick. She described it as being "a glittery copper, and nobody in her right mind would think it would look good, but it magically turns into a long-lasting, super-glossy, plumpifying nude." It really is alarming in the tube, but I am starting to think that whenever I see something horrifying in a tube, I should just buy it, because guys she is SO RIGHT. It looks like brown with the body glitter you used to slather on with reckless abandon as a teen, but it really does morph into the perfect color when you apply it. I am just going to assume it is magic. I also bought Local Color, which is the pink color's very pretty but I personally need to pair it with a strong eye.
M.A.C. Dazzleglass, $18

I also got a new round of stuff from Lush. I mentioned getting a sample of their solid shampoo with my last order, so when I went to order some stuff this time I picked up a puck of it. I don't know what people's priorities are, packaging wise, but if it is in fact something you care about, these little shampooey blobs are equivalent to about three bottles of traditional shampoo and have zero packaging but for a paper wrapper for shipping. You can also buy a little metal tin to stash it in if you're travelling. All you need to do is run your hands over it - just as you would with soap - and you have a full head's worth of shampoo. Guys could probably give their hair half a swipe and be good to go. It's really fantastic, and I am loving it! I went with the Seanik shampoo and it has a great ocean scent...also good for manly men who wouldn't want to smell all girly. Did I mention that most of these solid shampoos are under $9? I use either Selsun Blue Natural or Victoria's Secret So Sexy shampoo otherwise, and it would cost me between $27 and $30 for three bottles of those.

I also picked up a foot mask for my horrid callousy feet. You slather this stuff on and wrap your feet in saran wrap, then let them chill out for 10-15 minutes. When you unwrap them, your feet will be SO happy. They will be super soft and your cuticles will be way less creepy and hard (I could cut rocks with my cuticles most of the time...I do not know why). It won't moisturize your callouses to death, but it will significantly improve them and I would imagine that if you like using a PedEgg or callous shaver it would make the process a lot easier. I also tried their toner tabs, which are a nice little in-home spa adventure. You drop one in about two cups of hot water, then stick your face over the bowl and wrap a towel around your head. I like to really wrap myself in well so I get ALL the steam seeping into my face. After you steam for a bit, you take a cotton ball and swab some of that water/toner around your skin. I saw a huge difference in my skin right away and at $1.50 a tab I think it's a total steal.
Seanik solid shampoo, $9.25; Volcano foot mask, $19.55; Toner tabs (tea tree, vitamin C, vitamin E), $1.50/tab, all at Lush USA

Those of you who read these posts on Facebook might have noticed that when I review makeup, a lovely young woman named Kym often pops up all "ummm hello crappy friend, have you looked at my makeup stuff yet?," except she would never call anyone a crappy friend (even if it was true) because she may be the nicest human on the planet. In any case, Kym is an Arbonne representative, and we met up a couple weeks ago to scope out her products. They have a fabulous and very easily customized array of skin and body products, and their make up colors are just really wonderful and rich. Sometimes you see makeup and it's that wishy-washy color that pretty much promises it's going to wear off by the time you drive to work, and it's just depressing, you know? Not this stuff.

I bought the Audrey eye look, which includes four eyeshadow colors and a liquid liner. The colors are perfectly matched and can be used a variety of ways to change the look as you prefer. The colors, though soft colors in their own right, are strong and have great staying power. I wore this set yesterday. Put on the makeup at about 6:15am, went to work, went out for my little work bachelorette shindig, got home at 11pm and it was still exactly where I put it. What the hell else could you possibly want out of your makeup? I also credit the Virtual Illusion Primer sample that Kym gave me for it staying put so long - I've used it with and without the primer with great results both ways. I will probably wind up buying said primer, because it does not have that creepy siliconey feel that so many other ones do and still establishes a great base for your makeup. I also bought a lipstick in Sunset, which is very nice but unfortunately doesn't QUITE work with the Audrey set, so I'll just have to wear them separately. A-ok with me! Again, really nice texture on the lipstick, and it doesn't dry your lips out like so many other ones do.

Arbonne's got a really great approach to's all based on doing fabulous stuff for your skin, not just putting nice colors on it. All of their products are natural and rely on fruits and vitamins to develop your skin and keep it happy. Please swing by the site and buy some glorious makeup or skincare from Kym! Don't hesitate to contact her through the site either...she's a straight shooter and will tell you directly about what she likes and doesn't like and what she thinks would work for you. I'll also likely be having a house party with this stuff soon, so you can come by and play with the stuff. I'll keep you posted, but please comment or email if you'd be interested so I don't miss alerting you!
Audrey eye kit, $56; About Face lipstick in Sunset, $16.50 at Arbonne

Finally, my sweet bay magnolia bloomed in the rain this past weekend on my parents' anniversary and I very nearly cried out of sheer happiness.

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