Saturday, December 13, 2008

Smash Smash Smash Bang Whomp

Some of you may have heard that a really weirdly specific area of Massachusetts got nailed with a big ole ice storm this weekend. It was bad enough that Massachusetts has declared a state of emergency, as have many individual towns, including Holden, and at the highest point, an estimated 1.5 million people were out of power. Bad news. They are doing a kickass job of getting things back on track but our power is still out and there's lots of damage. Rich and I went for a walk yesterday and took pictures but have not put them on the computer yet. More to come. Though these pics show our damage, we were not too badly hit.

This is the road between us and Route 31, which was impassable for most of Friday and Saturday. This road got hit really hard (I actually had just passed some National Guardsmen when I took this picture.) but this picture shows less of that and more of the damaged treeline.
This is the view out of our front door. Our neighbors to the left got hit really hard. This picture was actually taken before the biggest chunk of tree came down across the street; you now have to drive under it like an alarming, creepy, potentially electrified overpass.
More front yard.
Here's some of the damage in the back yard. Tons of stuff down in the woods behind our house, but not too bad actually within the yard. More came down from this tree later on.

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