Sunday, March 6, 2011

San Jose or Worcester Sharks Makeup

There are certain realities I have accepted about my life, many of them involving hockey.  Chief amongst them are the facts that a.) I go to at least 40 hockey games a year, and b.) that this means I will have clothing and makeup that goes with my standard hockey attire.  This usually involves jeans and a jersey, and given the fact that it's usually a Sharks game, this means I'll be wearing black, white or teal based sweaters.  When I wear black or white jerseys, I can use some color on my face (for teal jerseys I like to keep it silver and black, or maybe incorporate a bit of Sharks orange if I'm feeling adventurous).  I did a teal eye today and thought other Sharks fans might be interested in seeing how to put it together. Here's the whole look:
I'm not really sure why I look bored and/or angry but there you have it.  I've got a strong eyebrow over a teal base, silver overlay and white corners.  Here's the closed eye:
I start this look by defining my eyebrows with Anastasia brow powder.  I use an angled brush to apply a core of dark powder through the center of the eyebrow, then use the lighter shade along the edges.  This takes a little practice, but pays off huge.  It adds just enough definition to make your eyes stand out; I often use nothing but brow powder and Guerlain kohl eyeliner (more on that later), and it makes for a fast, put together look.

The next step is an eye primer; I am using Laura Geller Eye Spackle right now because I have it on hand.  It does a good job, but if you're doing something with minimal color and you don't have lily white skin, it does show up.  That said, it's always good to add some light color at the inner corners of your eyes and under the arch of your eyebrow, so it's a decent option for that.  (The best primer on the market is Urban Decay's Primer Potion.)  After I get the primer worked in, I apply the teal eyeliner and wing it out a fair distance.  I've highlighted the actual line of my eye so you can see that I carry the wing of the liner out pretty far.  You can adjust this for your own comfort level.  I use Urban Decay Liquid Liner in Bright Teal because I like the depth of color and the brush.
After the liner has dried, I add a little dibbity dab of white pencil on the inside of my eye and blend it with my finger.  I have a hard time blending this properly with a brush; if you are an advanced makeup person, go for it!  You can use any white liner or shadow you like for this.  I use a cheapie RiteAid pencil...the packaging says it's a Prestige eyeliner in White (E30). 

The next colors are all from Tarina Tarantino's "Starchild" palette, which I heartily recommend for anyone because it has a great selection of colors that stay put all day and night.  Unfortunately, it looks like its season has gone by, but you might be able to snap it up on eBay.  You could use Makeup Forever's eyeshadows for substitutes: Turquoise Shimmer 83 and Silver 82 should do it.  I put the teal over the lid to JUST over the crease so it's visible.  Make sure you blend it right into the liner so it's a smooth transition.  You want an arc to go from the tip of your liner wing over to the white highlight.  Finally, apply some silver over the top of your teal arch and run your finger over the line to blend, blend, blend.  I finished with Givenchy Phenomen'Eyes mascara, which has the little hedgehog brush.  Even if you don't want to shell out for the Givenchy, I recommend any of the mascaras with the hedgehog brush, because they get riiiiiiight into the corners to get all those teensy little hairs usually involve stabbing yourself in the eye or slopping mascara all over your eye AND nose.  I think CoverGirl has one now, but I'm not sure.

Voila!  I finish with Smashbox Photo Finish foundation primer and Makeup Forever's HD Invisible Cover Foundation (which incidentally may be a little pricey but is hands down the best foundation I have ever used).  It's always best to do foundation last, because that way you can "erase" any fallout from your eye makeup.  If you do foundation first - as I used to! - fine particulate from eyeshadow can fall down and get set under your eyes. 

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