Friday, July 9, 2010

Makeup Is Easy: Tango in Argentina

I don't know about other people, but I often have to plan makeup that goes through several events and for most of the day. I was invited to a panel and afterparty put on by the Federalist Society in Boston at the Cutler Majestic Theatre, but it was also on a day that I worked, so I wanted to have something that looked okay for both. I turned once again to my Sephora Color Play palette, because it is awesome.
This time I went with the "Tango in Argentina" swatch, which is the fourth one from the left in the picture above (with all the blues).
I went with the third blue down on the left side (the photo is not very true to color) and worked it from the inner corner of my eye to about the middle of my eye. It's a really lovely luminous turquoisey color with lots of shimmer. I finished the lid with a navy-ish blue which I believe was the second blue down in the same column. I liked the effect, but the darker blue didn't have the same sheen as the lighter so I swept a bit of the light color over top of it. I then took the fourth green down on the right side and added a touch of it over the whole shebang.
I finished the look with (I think) my Givenchy lip gloss sample in Rose and Givenchy Phenomen'Eyes mascara. It stayed put all night long and would have gone longer had I not wrestled it off my face with my sister's makeup remover pads. Great makeup, and another win for the Color Play palette!


  1. Ever thought of doing makeup vids on youtube? It's got quite a few people off the ground.

  2. I think of it occasionally but - true confessions time - I actually do not understand the first thing about video editing and all that jazz, so I don't really have the skill set to do it.

    At this point I think I may need some kind of Katy Media Camp, between the picture taking and the videoing.

  3. So you're saying I should do video tutorials on youtube for you.