Sunday, October 11, 2009

Makeup Is Easy: Mrs. L's Christmas Tree

As we all know, the makeup world believes that you should just cover yourself in gold and glitter when the holidays come around. Normally this irritates me (because it is boring), but when it manifested itself as a little kit from Sephora that included a sample of Guerlain Meteorites amongst other nifty things, I totally encouraged this annoying behavior and picked it up. I started playing with the eyeshadows and wound up thinking about Mrs. L's Christmas tree.

Mrs. L is our neighbor from up the street in my parents' neighborhood. She is a total hot ticket, and her home decor is very Just So. It's like a Martha Stewart layout in there, people. Every year she gets a gigantic Christmas tree and decks the whole thing out in gold ornaments and red bows. Every year, same thing. Once I got going with the gold shadow, I figured I would combine it with a strong red lip. (I did refrain from sticking pine branches in my hair or something.)
I've got Prescriptives Redness Relief Gel on, covered with Prescriptive foundation and She Space Cashmere Stockings as a finishing powder. For highlighting I added Guerlain Meteorites all over, and Laura Geller baked blush in Sunswept. I LOVE the Laura Geller stuff...not only does it look great on, but it's just so damn gorgeous in the compact!
I used Raw Minerals eyeshadow in Chardonnay (from my latest BeautyFix kit!) all over the lid, then used Smashbox's 24K eyeshadow on the lower lid and just over the crease. I can't really decide how to feel about the Smashbox; I go back and forth between thinking it's awesome and thinking it's too brassy. It might just be the weird in-between summer and winter color of my skin right now, so I'm not giving up on it yet. My wonderful Givenchy Phenomen'Eyes mascara is getting close to death, and in the name of Trying New Things, I texted my girl Joanne who has, like, ridiculously lucious, long, fabulous eyelashes at all times what she uses. She recommended Makeup Forever Smoky Lash, so I picked it up in the waterproof formula. It is freaking fantastic. It goes on perfectly and does a great job separating the lashes, and it stays put, which is crucial.
I finished it all with Saint lipstick from Lipstick Queen in Rouge. These lipsticks are just the absolute shit. The color is excellent and they FEEL so damn comfortable. None of the usual lipstick drying and what have you, just pure, kickass color. You really need to get yourself some.

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  1. Because my brain is not working today, I decided I would look at something pretty and simply exclaim, "Ohhh, look! Pretty!"

    By the way, Laura Geller's line of products for the face are amazing. I use her baked balance and brighten complexion enhancer and honestly, I like it better than Bare Escentuals foundation. Yeah, I said it. I don't like her shadows but her baked products are awesome.