Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Magical Chocolate

As we know, I write random reviews of stuff that appeals to me, and it's generally just whatever occurs to me to buy or read. A while back, Annie called me and was like "hey, I have a thing you should try," so I agreed to meet with her and check it out. She called it "healthy chocolate," which needless to say I kind of shrugged off because...dare to dream, etc., etc. We met up to discuss and set up a trial run.

Here's my deal...I don't usually like these kinds of Eat This Product and Lose Weight! type deals. Weight loss is more or less just sweaty math. If you burn more than you're taking in (over a given maintenance threshold), you'll lose weight. I'm not overweight for lack of knowledge, I'm overweight because I like beer and pizza. I have tried WeightWatchers which I liked certain things about (hint: not the meetings) and I have tried (and currently use) something called CalorieKing with which I can track that exact math I was talking about previously. I really recommend that site, which we're talking about weight loss. It's a great resource. In any case, I was kind of skeptical but also know that Annie's no dope, so I checked the product out.

It's called Tru Chocolate and what you do is take one to three of the little wafers before your meals with a glass of water. The really cool thing is that the chocolate is made with Xylitol instead of sugar, so when you drink the water, it also tastes like chocolate. As we know, I love toys, so this is like...chocolate in the form of a toy as far as I am concerned. It's REALLY cool, and I feel a little weird about being all "WHEE TASTES LIKE CHOCOLATE" but I just find it fascinating and weirdly happy-making. So okay, you get to eat chocolate, this is lovely. What it does is block some of your sugar from getting into your system, and the chocolate and water obviously take up some real estate in your stomach to make you less hungry. It also is full of good stuff...the most impressive to my mind is the nutty amount of ORAC units in each piece. ORAC units are the free radical fighters that everyone's always overstimulated over with blueberries and what have you. These little suckers have 3,040 units a piece, which is yooge; there's a nice little comparison chart over on their website. The chocolate is also all organic and generally full of nutrients and awesome on top of any weight loss benefits.

I lost about seven pounds in a month, which includes a slight warm up time where my body was getting adjusted to the whole thing. Annie actually lost 16 pounds in a month which is totally awesome. Like I said, I was skeptical, but damn if it doesn't actually work. I'm super impressed with it, and I'd encourage you to check it out! I have a site thingie through which you can order, and if you have any questions you can always email me (...and allow time for me to check with Annie, who is the reigning chocolate guru). Honestly, it's worth a whirl, even if you're just trying to lose a little bit of weight...you get to eat chocolate, it's an easy program that doesn't involve keeping track of anything, and it gets all your nutrition into your day. It's really, really hard to keep your actual nutrition up when you're dieting, so having a boost like this is an easy assist for your diet program.

Oh oh oh AND if you are a mint chocolate person, do not bother with the regular chocolate-chocolate flavor because the mint flavor is AWESOME and you will totally love it.

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