Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Excellent Customer Service in an Age of Mediocrity: London Sole

I know I have been high on superficial junk and cosmetics lately and not very good at...you know, substance, but a.) I have a heavier post to go up later tonight and b.) I like superficial crap so no offense but this is a fucking star, I run it, and you have no say. Sorry. I do KIND of feel bad so I'm going to try and do less of this, but I recently had an experience that was a breath of fresh air and I want to give credit where credit is due. There are a lot of companies out there that suck at customer service and our natural human tendency is to bitch about bad service far more than we praise exceptional service, so I'm bucking the trend and passing the kudos along.

I recently ordered a pair of ballet flats from London Sole. I ordered a pair of Lowcut flats in a cute navy fabric with white polka dots, which were on sale. I got a message from Maggie at London Sole informing me that they did not have the Lowcuts in the navy and white, but they DID have the same fabric in a Pirouette cut, which is very similar. When I called back, I got a human on the phone on the second ring and then was quickly connected to Maggie, who was extremely nice and helpful. She reviewed the problem, then told me they would send me the Pirouettes in the correct fabric at no extra charge. Pirouettes were NOT on sale, which meant that they wiped out a price difference of $105. They didn't really HAVE to do that, but they did, without a single word about the price. Right on.

I was already really happy with the way they had handled my problem when my shoes arrived. I was even more impressed when the package got to my doorstep. The shoebox was wrapped in purple tissue paper, and had a handwritten note on it:
"Dear [Josie], Enjoy your new London Sole flats! Please let us know if the size fits well or if you need anything else! Thanks! London Sole Team xx" Again, they didn't need to do this, but it probably took thirty seconds to write and added a lovely personal touch. The shoes fit perfectly and look great!

Thank you thank you thank you to London Sole, for not only making a great product but having people who answer your phones and solve problems efficiently and with immense charm!

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