Monday, March 20, 2006

Happy Birthday To Me And A Big Middle Finger For Bush

So I'm 23, which is not very old. It's amazing what learning about bonsai does for your concept of age - nothing like a 350 year old tree to make you feel like you should still be in diapers. But it was a fun weekend, even though some folks who I was hoping would come did not make it to my little shindig on Saturday. Lots of folks DID come, and it was fun, as was the relaxing day on Sunday. Speed gave me a NEW LAPTOP for the occasion, which is so awesome I'm almost allergic to it. He rocks. It's purty.

We also got a special display of cat psychosis for a birthday gift, since they were freaking out over the party preparations. Cady got into a fight to the death with the rug in front of the slider, which was great - all you could see was a set of little claws stabbing out from under the carpet and a big lump shooting along the length of the rug. This all started when she tripped over the edge because she is the least coordinated cat to ever exist. Flyboy just acted dumb. Per usual.

It's also been three years of war in Iraq, which we all know I think is stupid, although slightly less stupid than this sabre-rattling going on with Iran, which would be a complete nightmare since, you damn exit routes. I'm sorry. What I mean is that Iraq people on the borders would be TOTALLY cool with helping us retreat out of Iran if we needed to. Y'know, since we helped THEM out so much.

The day we went to war, I was out for dinner with Scarlett and Midwest One and some other folks, and Midwest One was explaining how we would attack Baghdad. We did the dinner thing and then came home and exactly what he described was happening on TV and it was really creepy and gross. It wasn't scary so much for me because I was afraid they would get us back, but I was scared because I had had faith that someone, anyone would sack up and tell him to get real. But one did. And this has so much to do with what makes me so disenchanted with politics. Everyone has all the ideas, and all these emotions about the political system, but there is still no outcry. No one takes a full day off of work and stands in the street yelling until they are hoarse with a sign telling The Man to fuck off and stay out of their business. Then you have the gross reality of the media, which is that Jessica Simpson gets more press than the civil rights issues with the PATRIOT Act or the wiretapping ridiculousness. We have become complacent, on top of all of this, because for so many years our civil rights have been well protected.

Here's the thing...people fought to keep those rights. Who is stepping up now? You have to fill the positions that empty when older fighters leave the game. No one seems to care anymore, which is really a damn shame.

The whole thing makes me so tired.

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