Monday, September 26, 2005

My Family, It is Haunted By the Dread Curse of the Neckbrace.

Superfly gets into a car accident, is thankfully okay, spends something like 96 hours supine, and gets fitted with a neck brace that looks like the designers over at Rollerblade got their hot little hands on it. I don't know why you would want your neckbrace to be aerodynamic, actually, but I am pretty sure this one is. It may teleport, and if it does, may I just say sign me up, because...awesome.

So Ma picks me up today and she tells me she's taking Kitty Number Two (Cats, in chronological order: Sylvia (deceased), Sweetheart/Molly, Flyboy/Cady) to the vet because she's been limping. Just talked to her and Sweetie had an abscess in her left hind leg. The vet drained it and everything, but there is still a drain set in there, so she has - you guessed it - a head cone to keep her from messing with it. A picture of those two together needs to be taken. Immediately.

Meanwhile in the animal kingdom, Resident Gigantic Snake Cleo has just eaten and is currently sitting, happily blood-smeared, in a cage probably seven feet away from me. Every now and then it occurs to me what a weird place I work in. Let's examine the creatures that share my workspace...two iguanas, a 13 foot Burmese python, a 3 foot ball python, two varieties of cockroach, six baby snapping turtles, several large and cranky snapping turtles, an emperor scorpion, a tarantula...the list goes on. I have come to like snakes, but the feeding concept keeps me from really wanting one. It's just so digusting to drop those rats or mice in there and watch them get hit...even if I dumped 'em and ran, I would still hear them, and THAT is no picnic either. Ugh. Gross.

Aloha Lady called me last night out of the blue to thank me for coming to her was awesome to see her play. Her friend and co-captain Khan has the most violently highlighter colored cleats I have ever seen. She is also a rockin' chick, I'm really glad Lady decided to chill predominantly with her and ditch the previous set of dodgy friends she had. She's got a good crew now, which is nice. I wish I could go to more of her games, but the vast majority are at 3:30, which is just not possible. Even if I took my lunch really late, I wouldn't be able to see the whole game. She is so awesome to watch play - great runner, and excellent use of the elbows. I wish she would just get that she is talented and go from there. Either way, she will be a success wherever she decides to go to school, so that is good to know. She wants to be an english teacher, which I think rules. GO ENGLISH WOO!

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