Tuesday, September 27, 2005

"Thee Got a Package Today. It Weighs About 30 Pounds. It Might Be a Cinderblock."

Ah yes, the words of Ma. This comment comes, of course, only about a week and a half after she informed me that her schedule was "mad crazy" and maybe a year since she referred to my brother as a "wigger." And then followed it up with "well he IS" when I cracked up. Woman has a point.

We lost power at work today for maybe 15 minutes, which was exciting in a certain grade school kind of way. Work seems to be more and more obnoxious lately, which is NOT making me want to stick around. I don't want to be lauded non-stop, but there's a certain soul-sucking feeling when you realize that no matter how well you do your job or how far beyond the call of duty you go, it will always be "why didn't you do this one extra thing?" I raised hourly production values by an average of about $30 with my techs, putting ALL of their values above $100 PER HOUR. I point this out and explain that that is the difference that planning and thought makes? Blank looks. There's just such a lack of business savvy and simple common sense that it makes it hard to handle. I also think that Skeezix has a point when he says I need to be more in control of my work environment - I don't do as well working in a hyper-supervised realm as when I work on my own.

I was talking to Scarlett today about the Supreme Court nominations, and Roberts brings me back AGAIN to the political-appointees-belong-in-political-positions concept I brushed by with FEMA the other day. He will not answer ANYTHING, and that makes me very nervous - I don't trust him enough to think that he will be a Rehnquist-style conservative. And if this whole not answering questions bit is something motivated by the GOP, then that in and of itself is an issue, because any candidate who can be trusted to be fair and examine all angles should listen to ONE voicemail from a leading Repub asking him to keep his trap shut on sensitive issues and tell said voicemailer to cram it sideways. I explained to Scarlett that they should get a dose of Carville's "Had Enough," which, yes, is liberal leaning, but has a lot of good stuff on the concept of working for the GREATER GOOD rather than party lines, and as I looked for a link to it, I came across an old friend in K Street on DVD.

It was there that I realized that there are a LOT of stupid people on this planet. I tend to sort of ignore that as best I can and revel in the higher-functioning people floating around, but every not and then, one intercepts the pass and slams me into the dirt. K Street was promoted as a POLITICAL series about LOBBYISTS. Every commercial had shots of DC and references to lobbying and power and politics and all that stuff. Yes, it was a weird, new concept - it was basically filmed as things were happening, with actors mingling freely with power players in Washington - but it was always, always, always pimped as a political show. Despite all that publicity and advertising, and yet on the reviews for the DVD set, I found this gem:

"This show is so boring all it's about is poltics. What was HBO thinking having the one of the oddest shows out, it doesn't play no background music even when it's going off. And all the people do on that show is argue like petie little children, in one episode I found very shocking to hear was from a blond hair woman saying the two oldest sons of Saddam Hussian that died they made their bodies into make up she said it's so (Queer Eye for the Straite Guy) and another episode she call a gay a fag, I didn't know she had that in her. What I found weird was why would actor George Clooney would talk what the show is all about during previews, he has nothing to do with political things. Thank god "K-Street" never did get a second season."

Even if we ignore the myriad spelling, grammatical and common sensical errors - the whole thing is basically one big [sic] - he's complaining that the show is about....politics? A show filmed and NAMED AFTER the biggest street of lobbying firms and arguably the biggest behind the scenes power concentration in the United States? A show that featured Mary Matalin and JAMES MUDDAFUGGIN' CARVILLE? A SHOW THAT WAS BILLED AS A POLITICAL SERIES?!?


I just don't get people.

Okay, no, I can't help it, OKAY?! Geez.

"This show is so boring; all it's about is politics. What was HBO thinking, having the one of the oddest shows out? It doesn't play any background music, even when it's ending. All the people do on this show is argue like petty little children. In one episode, I found it very shocking to hear a blond haired woman (PLEASE let him not be referring to Hillary Clinton. Please.) refer to the makeup of the two oldest sons of Saddam Hussein that died as "so Queer Eye for the Straight Guy," and in another episode she called a gay person a fag. I didn't know she had that in her. What I found weird was that actor George Clooney would explain what the show is all about in previews - he has nothing to do with political things. (Except, you know, produce the show.) Thank god "K-Street" never got a second season."


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  1. I am not so amused by the people who cannot (or will not) speak English properly. Every time someone writes a comment like that, somewhere a poor English teacher is dying. Quick! Clap your hands and say you believe! Oy.