Thursday, April 12, 2012

Sometimes I Text My Mom from the Train

Me: Were you afraid of Russia in the 80s?
Mom: No
Me: Why not? 
Mom: I was too busy beating you children

Aaaaaaaaaand I snorted out loud on the train and freaked out the lady next to me.  THANKS MOM.  The hits continue...

Me: I'm reading Rachel Maddow's book "Drift: the Unmooring of the American Military" and the first couple chapters are about Reagan's development of a"RUSSIANS ARE SCARY" motif 
Me: Obviously since I was busy being beaten/an infant at the time it's hard for me to know how effective/pervasive it was
Mom: I honestly do not remember being afraid of the Russians. I was more mortified that a B actor was president of my country
Mom: I had no idea what madness lay ahead...
Mom: W!!!!!!!!

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