Sunday, September 12, 2010

Breaking: Etsy Literally Has Everything I Want From Life

When I was growing up, my grandmother shared her penchant for weird stuff with me, including things like dehydrated fruit and tofu. One of the many weird things was a candy called horehound, which is a hard candy flavored by the horehound plant, which is...mintyish. A while back, I was thinking about this (I don't get out much) and thought it would be fun to find some to send to Mormor, "just because." I did find them, but in the process, I came across this great-looking candy shop on Etsy called Vintage Confections. I bookmarked it for later reference, and just recently came back to check it out. I ordered four items, all of which came perfectly packed, just in time to take some to a wedding on Block Island to test out on my parents and the other couple we stayed with. I'm so glad I found this seller, because her stuff is fantastic.

I love sea salt caramels, so I ordered both your traditional caramel-caramels and some sea salt caramel flavored barley candies.
The caramels are top notch, and I think my Mom might be addicted now. The hard candies are wonderful too...a great flavor in an unusual formulation.
She also had some glorious looking marshmallows. I wanted to try the Dulce de Leche ones because again...caramel.
However, when I placed my order, I had just spent a weekend with my friends in Yulan, NY at my friend Juls' relatives' lakehouse. While we were there, Juls made the most magnificent peppermint hot chocolate.
This, with a campfire and schnappsy mint hot chocolate.

It was in that blissfully minty state of mind that I clicked across these Candy Cane marshmallows. What the photo lacks in the Dulce de Leche listing's poetry, the product makes up for in sheer deliciousness. Juls will be getting some of these this holiday season for sure!


  1. Liv was soo happy about that hot chocolate. Probably because I have banned all production of said hot chocolate until there are enough people around that he cannot bully them into letting him have the whole batch.