Friday, April 23, 2010

Makeup Is Easy: This House Believes In The Color Blue

March 25th was a busy day. I went to my four classes (Philosophy and Literature, Political Mass Murder, Economy and Society, 20th Century Continental Philosophy), then met with the two members of the Cambridge Union Society with whom I would be debating that night, then got inducted into the Phi Sigma Tau Philosophy honor society, THEN changed into a dress in the bathroom like the class act that I am and went to debate the existence of the War on Terror, followed by a celebratory trip to The Citizen. It was quite the extravaganza and a TOTAL blast. Debating the Cambridge Union Society folks was a terrific experience, and we all had a great time...really smart, wonderful people. They're on a US debate tour, and they are serious, serious business.

Anyway, since I was leaving the house at 9:30, I needed makeup that would last all day, and I came up with this:
You can see my haircut more clearly here, though I usually wind up pushing my bangs to one side. I went with an adaptation of a look I saw on Sephora. I applied Scared Silly on my inner eye, making sure to work it around the hollow and along my lower lash line, then applied Electric Lust on the outside corner, again working it around to the lower lash line. Sephora left a bare strip between colors in the middle of the eye, but I didn't really like how that looked so I added Jumpin' Jellyfish to blend the two together. I added two coats of Givenchy Phenomen'Eyes mascara and then set the whole shebang with Skindinavia makeup setting spray. For lipstick, I used Julie Hewett lipstick in Oona Noir with M.A.C. Dazzleglass in Get Rich Quick over it.

If you have the chance to see the Cambridge Union Society debate, or even better, to talk with them, don't pass it up. The quartet that came to assumption was just a wonderful group of people, and their performance was brilliant. A good time had by all!



    this one?

  2. PS- You look fabulous with the blue makeup and bright pink scarf.