Monday, September 14, 2009

Makeup Is Easy: Petsitting is No Excuse for A Drop in Fabulousity

I was geriatric-animal-sitting this weekend for my parents and for some reason my act is never together when I prepare to bivouack at their house ten minutes from my own, so today we will be having a lesson on how you can survive with nothing but a random assortment of cosmetics that you snatched out of your bathroom in a strangely panicky fog of haste.

On my face is Prescriptives foundation and Cashmere Stockings powder from The She Space, as well as the mascara that I slept in because as we have discussed before, I have poor cosmetics removal habits.

If I just relied on good face coverage and slept-in mascara, my makeup would be boring as hell, so I applied Bare Escentuals Buxom Lips (full color, not gloss) in Vanessa. I put it on over Lemon Head Lip Balm from Stella Marie Soap Company because it does get a little feathery and vampirey without a good foundation.


  1. Gorgeous necklace! Have you already posted about it?

  2. ...kind of, in my Project Runway post. I saw Sweet P wearing it on the Project Runway All Star Challenge and despaired because whenever I see something cool on PR I assume it is a one of a kind item made by one of the designers Cool, Hip Designer Friends and thus unattainable. But! Those glorious people over at Blogging Project Runway correctly identified it as an Anthropologie piece, at which point I had more despair because I assumed it cost many, many dollars. But it only cost fifty of said dollars AND comes in both this light teal-y color and a white quartzy color! Victory was mine! So, a big thank you to Sweet P for being awesome.

    Wait until you see the necklace I have on order is MADE OF BOOKS.