Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I Am Smashing Cancer With a Giant Beating Stick of Fury!

...that being said, some of my friends have informed me that cancer is something that happens on a cellular level and therefore blunt force trauma might not be as effective as one might hope. As a backup plan, I have decided to take part in this years Worcester Relay for Life at Burncoat High School on June 19th and 20th. All proceeds go to the American Cancer Society, and it's a totally awesome event. I know times are tough. It sucks out there. But look, I guarantee that no one reading this lacks a story about cancer...either a brave fight won or a brave fight lost. It's way more than just the people directly affected. I lost both grandfathers to cancer, and I'm not the only one.

So. If you can donate, please consider it. You can either donate to me or to my team online, or you can come by the event at Burncoat High on the 19th and 20th and check out the on-site raffles. We'll be raffling off some kickass Sharks gear and possibly a pair of Red Sox tickets! Thank you for your consideration. You rock my socks!

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