Saturday, February 14, 2009

My Mom Makes Me Valentines

This morning I went over to medicate my parents' elderly cats and Mom had left a valentine, some truffles and a little pair of stuffed animals for me. Those who have been over to my parents' house will know that my mother is a freakishly talented artist...the house not only is beautifully decorated with great color and lots (and lots and lots) of plants, but it also serves as a showplace for her beautiful paintings and her fabulous pottery. Did I mention that she'll occasionally get the idea to "try something new" and return several hours later from whatever art class or studio she bopped off to with some stunning item she's created? It's DISGUSTING, I tell you! This is to say nothing about the garden, which is phenomenal.

So when I say that she left me a valentine, I mean that she left me a handmade, beautiful, old-school valentine with a poem on it. She has been doing this for as long as I can remember. Observe.

2003: "Johanna the beautiful, Johanna the brave...embraces the wonders this world has in spades. A grand poet I am not, yet proud mother indeed, of my Jo whose wit and wisdom I always will need."
2004: "From the moment thy sweet infant face I beheld, my life changed forever, my heart thee did steal. Thy wisdom, thy humor, thy inquisitive nature unquelled, fill my heart to the brim with the awe that I feel. Be mine, Valentine! 12-14-12 [Mom]"
2006: "With a heart of pure gold, and quick wit to endear; a daughter who's artiste without peer! Creative confections from thy fingertips leap, for some, who are lucky, those treasures we reap."
2009: "With a sharp eye for detail, and a mind keenly engaged, my Jo relishes her courses, soaking up every page. A generous soul, with a [heart] oh-so-loyal, thy status in my eyes, it verges on loyal! Talented, beautiful, curious and wise...thee makes thy dear Richard the luckiest of guys!"

(That last part, that's just fact.)

Seriously though, how great is my mom?


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  1. Those are beautiful and her sentiments are so true. You should blog about her garden in the summertime. My Midsummer's Night Dream fantasy will be a reality someday....