Friday, October 17, 2008

Rock, Paper, Scissors, Shoe.

One of my professors is very into his ties. He often comes in and asks for feedback on the tie of the day, and has a couple that he has described as being "really too good to wear to class." Today he came in and asked what we thought of the tie, because he wasn't sure that it jived with the whole outfit (it did), but since his daughters picked the ensemble out, he couldn't change it. He then explained that the girls get to choose different aspects of his outfit, and that the method they use to resolve disputes is "rock, paper, scissors, shoe." Needless to say, someone asked how the last one worked, at which point the professor explained, "um...they kick each other. 'Rock beats scissors!' 'Shoe! *kicking motion*'"

This appears to be THE year for revamping my conflict resolution methodology. First, People's Court RAW comes into existance, allowing the petty bickerers of the world to squabble on the Internet about the dumbest shit imaginable while the delighted viewers of the world (read: me and that one nursing home with Internet access) vote on which petty bickerer is right. And now I am given the magnificence of Rock, Paper, Scissors, Shoe.
From this point forward, all my social interaction will be governed by the noble principles of Rock, Paper, Scissors, Shoe and People's Court Raw.

PS - I was catching up on my DVRed People's Court episodes (I am 100 years old), and the most awesome thing maybe ever happened. On Monday, an episode aired featuring a dispute about a car which the plaintiff was a girl I lived next door to when I was at AU! HOW INSANE IS THAT? Of course, I think I only saw her three times the whole year because a.) she never came out, starting a somewhat thrilling era during which we thought maybe her insane roommate had killed her and hidden the body and b.) I spent a lot of time hating living on an all-female floor and thus was distracted, but the one time I actually talked to her for an extended period of time, she was super nice, if a little quiet. Also, her skin looked amazing on the People's Court and I want to know her secrets.

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  1. I continue to be amused by the "Shoe" part of Rock, Paper, Scissors, Shoe. I always thought the original version was a little lame, and applaud the kids' changes.