Sunday, February 19, 2006

Our Fish Have "the Ick"

Sad fishie crisis last-night-into-today. There is a disease caused by stress, of a parasitic nature, that looks like little bubbles clinging to the fish, that our tank has been infected with. I learned that this is very common in fish that come from the stressy tanks of major pet stores like Petco and PetSmart.

I also learned that this disease is called "the ick" - go Speed and his Interweb research on the topic! - and quite frankly I could care less what it's short for.

We have lost one of our fish already, and his brother is not looking so hot. I hope that ALL of our fish make it, so keep your fingers crossed.

So...I got a new job! It is at an energy conservation company staffed mainly by crazy liberal folks, which is nice, and I am working on a project that provides loan assistance to people putting energy-smart heating systems, insulation, etc., into their homes. It's actually very cool, and being piloted by NStar and National Grid before it goes state-wide, which will be very exciting, especially because I am a dork and thus excited about working with the Romney PR Machine. Though I think he is a jerky goober, his PR folks are hardcore, and I like that.

Trying to get the non-profit jumpstarted again...see how that goes.

That's about it for now, but more later!

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